MM Montenegro

7 Reasons IFMSA General Assemblies are NOT interesting

In March 2nd-8th, IFMSA has held its 66th General Assembly in Budva, Montenegro. Here are 7 reasons to prove that nothing interesting has occured during the 5 days of the largest medical students worlwide meeting:
  1. Not many students attend these assemblies; only around 1000 students from more than 120 countries that are present during IFMSA Meetings. Poor representation, right?
  2. Each country/NMO is poorly represented. Morocco? Anyone?
  3. No interesting health issues are discussed during the sessions. Nothing new to learn, really.
  4. Obviously medical universities, medical students and their education are the least of IFMSA’s concern. 17240275_10212541801124764_7036180298880970322_o
  5. There are no capacity building opportunities or interactive workshops during the Assembly. Only boring uninteresting presentations.
  6. Attendees are not very much interested in developing long term friendships with students from overseas.
  7. There is no sense of belonging to a community of students that works and fights for the common global goals.
After all this, would you still consider attending the next IFMSA August Meeting 2017 in Tanzania?

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